Electricity Jokes And Puns

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Funny Electricity Jokes

What did the electrician say to reassure his apprentice?

You conduit.

I asked an electrician to fix an electrical issue at my house.

He refused.

What is an electrician’s favorite ice cream flavor?


My son started to chew on electrical cords.

I had to ground him.

He’s doing better currently, and now conducting himself properly.

My wife was shocked at my response to this.

What do an electrician and a mortician have in common?

They’re both shocked when they touch a live one.

Why are electricians terrible sailors?

They’re always running aground.

Why do fluorescent lights keep humming?

Because they can’t remember the words.

What is another name for an electrical apprentice?

Shock absorber.

What would you call Usain Bolt if he was an electrician?

Usain Volt.

Why are electricians always up to date?

Because they are “current specialists”.

What does one electrician say to another when they run into each other out in public?

Watt’s up!

Why did Mr Ohm marry Mrs. Ohm?

Because he couldn’t resistor.

An electrician got home at 4am.

His wife asked him, “Wire you insulate?”

He replied, “Watt’s it to you? I’m Ohm, aren’t I?”

What kind of car does an electrician drive?

A Volts-wagon.

How did the arguement between the electricians come to an end?

They found common ground.

What did the inmate said before he got executed by electric chair?

“I wouldn’t be shocked if that didn’t work”.

What do you call a bad electrician?

A shock absorber.

What do electricians like to talk about?

Current events.

Why should electrical engineers never be surgeons?

Because they tend to shut down faulty systems and then start them again.

What do electricians call a power outage?

A current event.

My dad got fired recently for being such an irritated electrician.

He never conducted himself positively at work.

What’s the difference between taxes and Texas?

Taxes can keep your electrical grid operational.

With great power comes a huge electricity bill.

I just read about the last person to be executed by electric chair.

Apparently he offered very little resistance and conducted himself beautifully.

In college I was so broke I couldn’t afford the electricity bill.

Those were the darkest days of my life.

I hate it when the electricity goes out, especially at night.

I always feel so powerless, as if someone is keeping me in the dark.

Mr. T got an electric car when they first came out.

Said he pities the fuel.

I picked up an electric bug zapper racket the other day.

All you bad bugs beware…

I just joined the SWAT team.

I put up an electric fence around my house.

My neighbor is dead against it.

I caught my friend harassing some electricity…

I told him it was an abuse of power.

Puns And Jokes About Electricity

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