Zombie Jokes And Puns

You’d have to be brainless not to enjoy these funny zombie jokes and puns! It’d be a grave mistake to miss them!

Funny Zombie Jokes And Puns

What does a vegan zombie eat?


Did you hear about the dyslexic zombie?

He only eats Brians.

What does a zombie call his girlfriend?


What do you call a zombie in pajamas?

The sleepwalking dead.

Where do zombies live?

On a dead end street.

Why didn’t the zombie like eating the clown?

Because he tasted funny.

Who did the zombie take to the dance?

His ghoul-friend.

What do you call a zombie who stir fries?

A dead man wokking.

Where do you go during a zombie apocalypse?

The living room.

What do you call a zombie that speaks two languages?


I told everyone that I’m going as a zombie character from Harry Potter this Halloween, but no one believes me.

I’m dead Sirius.

Have you ever wondered: Why do zombies eat brains?

Food for thought.

Why was the zombie sad?

Because he was a husk of his former self.

What does it take to become a zombie?


What does a zombie magician say?


Zombies don’t try hard enough.

They should try to be zom-As.

What do zombies have for lunch?

Human beans, fried legs and eyes cream.

If a walking corpse is referred to as a zombie, then what would you call a running one?

A zoombie.

What does a constipated zombie say?

Bran, I want bran.

What do you call a zombie that writes music?

A decomposer.

What do you call a zombie with a sweet tooth?

A die-abetic.

What do you call a zombie that loves sports?

A die hard fan.

What do health conscious zombies use for sandwiches?

Whole brain bread.

What kind of cheese do zombies eat?


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