Short Christmas Jokes

These hilarious short Christmas jokes are perfect for some fast festive fun and laughter! In fact, you could say they’re Christmas crackers!

Funny Short Christmas Jokes

What did Adam say the day before Christmas?

It’s Christmas, Eve.

If anyone is alone this Christmas and has nobody to spend it with, please let me know…

I really need to borrow some chairs.

My friend can’t decide what video game system to get for Christmas.

Nobody can console him.

Why do programmers think Halloween and Christmas are the same?

Because 31 OCT = 25 DEC.

My kids tell me that they want a cat for Christmas this year.

We normally cook a turkey for Christmas, but if they want a cat, okay.

Why was E the only letter in the alphabet to get Christmas presents?

Because the rest of the letters are not-E.

For Christmas, I bought my wife new beads for her abacus.

It’s the little things that count.

This Christmas, I got a new car for my wife.

I thought it was a great trade.

It’s 364 days until Christmas.

And people already have their lights up!

Why is it so easy to track Santa on Christmas Eve?

Because he always accepts cookies.

For Christmas my mum bought me a t-shirt saying, “I’m a nudist.”

I haven’t worn it yet.

My great grandmother got me a PS4 for Christmas.

My so-so grandmother got me socks.

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