Guess What Jokes

You’ll never guess what we have here – a fun collection of hilarious guess what jokes for all the family!

Funny Guess What Jokes

Guess what I saw!


Guess what!


Good guess.

Guess what I heard!


Guess what I did today!

I don’t know, what?

I had a game of quiet tennis!

What’s that?

It’s just like regular tennis but without the racket!

Two limbo dancers walked into a bar – guess what happened next.

They lost.

Guess what! I heard at the prison, they now allow prisoners to take their own mugshots.

They’re taking cellfies!

My friend held up a white flag and asked me to guess what it means.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I give up”.

I stuck a quarter in my ear and said to my friend, “Guess what I’m listening to!”

He said, “What?”

I said, “50 Cent!”

Guess what my Dad said when I handed him his 45th birthday card!

He said, “Thanks Son, but one would be enough.”

One time a Persian guy tried to fight me, guess what I did!


I asked my kids to guess what horology was.

Minutes later one put a hand up.

“It’s about time”, I said.

Dad: “Guess what, son? I just got a job as a guide for people climbing Mount Everest!”

Son (sarcastically): “Sure, pa.”

Dad: “Oh, you already heard.”

I can guess what people do for a living just by looking at their hands.

I’m usually wrong, but I can guess.

I have the ability to guess what’s inside a wrapped present.

It’s a gift.

Guess what happened when I practiced good oral hygiene alongside the grim reaper?

I had a brush with death.

Guys, guys, guess what? I can talk to the dead!

Never had one talk back though.

Guess what happened to the old Italian chef!

He pasta away.

A florist named Chris started a band with 3 of the neighborhood mums. Guess what they called the band?


Guess what I saw today!

Everything I looked at.

Guess what fruit hit me in the back!

It was a spineapple.

Guess what my dad just yelled at the dog for peeing on the carpet!

Urine trouble!

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