Roller Skating Jokes And Puns

We’re on a roll now, so we thought we’d bring you these funny roller skating jokes and puns! They’re wheely good!

Funny Roller Skating Jokes

Why did grandma wear skates when in her rocking chair?

She wanted to rock and roll.

Wife: Have you seen the dog bowl?

Husband: No, but he’s pretty good at skating.

I wanted to become a professional roller-blader.

A pizza slicer just wasn’t gonna cut it.

What do you call a snowman on roller blades?

A snowmobile.

What’s black and white and goes on eight wheels?

A nun on roller skates.

What do roller skaters say when they’re having a good time?

“I’m on a roll!”

What do skaters do when they got really good?

Go Pro!

Chuck Norris can ice skate with roller blades.

What’s big, furry and has eight wheels?

A monster on roller skates.

Why did the roller skate blush?

Because it saw the sidewalk crack.

What’s the hardest thing about roller skating?

The ground.

What do you call a pack of sandwiches on roller skates?

Meals on wheels.

Best Roller Skating Puns

I went to a discount roller blade store the other day.

They were a bunch of cheap skates.

What do you call a pigeon on roller skates?

A skate-bird.

What do you call a polar bear on roller skates?

A roller bear.

If you’re 30+ and still skating…

Do you consider yourself an elder skatesman?

The other day, I saw a roller rink that charged only 50 cents an hour.

I thought, “Wow, what a cheapskate!”

I bought a pair of roller blades at a garage sale.

Some people might call me a cheap skate.

What do you call a fish on wheels?

A roller skate.

What do you call a roller skating potato who’s tight with money?

A chipskate.

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