Lacrosse Jokes And Puns

Here’s a real scoop for you – a collection of funny lacrosse jokes and puns to crease you up! Don’t worry, they’ve all been screened!

Funny Lacrosse Jokes

What sport is the most religious?


What sport is played by angry French people?


What did the lacrosse stick say to the ball?

Catch ya later.

Why would you want to marry a lacrosse goalie?

Because they’re a real keeper!

Why couldn’t anyone see the lacrosse ball?

The defense cleared it.

Why do lacrosse players make good journalists?

Because they’re always getting scoops.

Why did Cinderella get kicked off the girls’ lacrosse team?

Because she kept running away from the ball.

Did you hear the funny lacrosse joke?

It’ll crease you up!

Why are lacrosse players never on time?

Because they’re always cutting it close.

Why shouldn’t you date a lacrosse player?

Because they like to play the field.

What happens when a lacrosse player goes blind?

They become a referee.

What sport did Jesus play?


Why are lacrosse defenders so focussed?

They like to be in the zone.

What kind of car does a lacrosse player drive?

A Dodge.

How do we know that lacrosse officials are happy?

Because they whistle while they work.

Why doesn’t Jesus play hockey?

He’s too hung up on lacrosse.

When the lacrosse team needed motivation, they always shouted, “Stick to it!”

Why can you trust lacrosse players?

Because they’ve been screened.

Lacrosse players beat people with a stick!

Best Lacrosse Puns

Which famous astrophysicist used to play sports?

Neil Lacrosse Tyson.

I used to think that “Lacrosse”…

Was what the French called that thing that Jesus carried on his back.

How did the lacrosse player cross the road?

He used lacrosse walk!

What is a ghost’s favorite position in lacrosse?

Ghoul keeper.

Where do attacks go to dance?

Lacrosse balls.

Which animal is the best at lacrosse?

A score-pion.

I really wanted to play lacrosse as a kid.

I just couldn’t find la church.

My son likes to wear dresses with sports sticks glued to them.

He’s lacrosse dresser.

What animal is the best at getting ground balls in lacrosse?

A groundhog.

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