Bowling Jokes And Puns

You’re sure to be bowled over by these hilarious bowling jokes and puns, because we think they’re right up your alley!

Funny Bowling Jokes

I’m trying to write some clean jokes about bowling balls.

But they keep ending up in the gutter.

I had a joke about bowling…

But I’ll spare you.

Why does Batman hate bowling?

The ball isn’t the only thing full of holes in an alley.

I was at the bowling alley, and I bowled a turkey!

Coincidentally, I’m now banned from the alley and the local petting zoo.

After winning the game, I threw the ball into the crowd.

Sadly, it turns out that is not acceptable in bowling.

After facing down the sadistic bowling ball who just finished killing his entire family, the last remaining bowling pin had one final, desperate plea as the ball menacingly approached him…

“Spare me.”

Why do managers never go bowling with their employees?

Because they are afraid of them striking.

Why did the bowling pins stop working?

They went on strike.

I phoned my wife and said, “Unbelievable! On the way to the bowling alley my tyre went flat.”

She said, “Have you got a spare?”

“Honey, I’m not at the bowling alley yet.”

Why is Michael Jackson bad at bowling?

Because he’s dead.

As I rolled the bowling ball down the lane I thought to myself…

Please hit a few of those cyclists.

Bowling Dad Jokes

My wife asked me if I’d seen the dog bowl.

I said I didn’t even know he went ten pin bowling.

Why don’t bowling balls complain about their job?

Because they just roll with it.

I hear you all like bowling jokes in these parts?

Ehhh, strike that. I’ll spare you from it.

Why can’t you hire bowling balls?

They always go on strike.

Why do bowling pins have such a hard life?

They’re always getting knocked down.

I love bowling pins.

They’re right up my alley.

Why was the bowling alley shut?

The staff were on strike.

Experts have confirmed that bowling is officially the quietest sport.

You can hear a pin drop, after all.

I am quite good at bowling.

I believe that it is really up my alley.

I always get confused between bowling and baseball.

But, to be fair, they have striking similarities.

What kind of cats like to go bowling?

Alley cats.

After hours of waiting for the bowling alley to open…

We finally got the ball rolling.

Bowling Puns

It has recently been discovered that William Tell and his son belonged to a bowling league.

But Swiss historians have not been able to determine the name of the league’s sponsors.

We may never know for whom the Tells bowled.

What type of bear do you find in a bowling alley?

A bowler bear.

What did the professional bowler do when he lost his ball?

He got a spare.

I told my friend I just got a new job at the bowling alley, and he said, “Ten pin?”

I said, “No, it’s a permanent job.”

One day every year, I give my friend the choice between eating soup or going bowling with me.

It’s how I celebrate Soup or Bowl Sunday.

What do you call a girl who stands in the middle of a bowling alley?


What does a vegetable get in bowling?

A spare I guess.

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