Badminton Jokes And Puns

There’s nothing bad about these funny badminton jokes and puns! In fact, you’re sure to make quite the racket laughing at them!

Funny Badminton Jokes

Why are people who stutter no good at badminton?

Because they play bad badminton.

I’ve been playing badminton lately.

A little more practice and I’ll be playing goodminton.

Why do badminton players never change light bulbs?

They always refuse to admit they went out in the first place.

What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a badminton court?


How old are most people when they outgrow badminton?


Why was the fish terrible at badminton?

They kept getting caught in the net.

What do you call a popular badminton player?

A smash hit.

A reggae badminton match has just started.

The score is currently One Love.

Why does the badminton player avoid fights, but the tennis player doesn’t?

He doesn’t have the balls.

What’s better than badminton?


Why doesn’t Hitler play badminton?

Because he’s dead.

Which sport is always getting into trouble?


Why should you never marry a badminton player?

Because love means nothing to them.

These badminton players are really good.

I hope they keep it up.

If badminton is so good how great is good minton?

I play badminton because it’s the only court where I’m not judged.

Best Badminton Puns

My dog named Minton just ate a shuttlecock.

Bad Minton.

Why do those birds with the long yellow beaks play badminton in pairs?

Because toucan play at that game.

What’s a sheep’s favorite sport?


In science class we were trying to put up a badminton net and no one seemed to understand how.

It’s not like it’s rocket science.

It’s racket science!

What is Bruce Wayne’s favorite sport?


Why is Memphis like a game of badminton?

They’re both Tennessee.

Have you tried silent badminton?

It’s like normal badminton, but without the racket.

I told my friends a badminton joke the other day but they didn’t laugh.

I guess they didn’t get the shuttle humor.

Which sport do ghosts love playing?


Where do film stars play badminton?


What did the shuttlecock say when it was trying to sleep?

Who’s making all the racket?

Why was the badminton coach yelling?

He couldn’t get a word in edgewise over all the racket.

What do you call a really good game of badminton?


Why was the skeleton standing alone at the badminton court?

They had no body to play with.

How many badminton players does it take to convince any doubters that badminton is the best racket sport there is?

Ten is enough to squash their arguments.

What do you call a father who plays badminton?


What do you call a rooster that takes the tram to go to his badminton games?

A shuttlecock.

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