Koala Jokes And Puns

We couldn’t bear not to bring you these funny koala jokes and puns! They’re really high koala-ty jokes!

Funny Koala Jokes

Why isn’t a koala a real bear?

It doesn’t meet all the koalafications.

What exercise equipment does a koala use?

A eucalyptical.

Why are the best bears found in Australia?

Because they’re high koala-ty.

Why didn’t the koala get the job he went for?

Because he was over-koalafied.

What did the koala write in his Valentine’s Day card to his girlfriend?

“I love you-calyptus.”

Why did the koala bear eat so much eucalyptus?

He simply couldn’t leaf it alone.

What is a koala’s favorite soft drink?


How many koalas does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Technically just one, as long as he’s koalafied.

A koala walks into a barber shop and hops up into the chair.

He points to the excess fur that has grown around his ears and asks the barber, “Can eucalyptus?”

Have you seen that awesome video of a koala drinking tea high up in the trees?

It’s super high koala tea.

I wanted to hire a marsupial butler…

But none of the applicants were koala-fied.

Why did the koala fall out of the tree?

It was dead.

My girlfriend got mad at me when I invited her to afternoon tea by the Australia exhibit.

I don’t understand. She said she wanted some koala teatime together.

Why didn’t the koala win the competition?

It got dis-koala-fied.

What did one koala say to the other?

How’s it hanging?

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